Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September 2010YTD MLS Activity Report

Below is a graph showing the home sales activity in Collin, Denton, Dallas and Johnson counties Year To Date ending September 2010. While we are seeing that some cities are down as far as overall sales over last year, we are seeing the majority have gone up in average sales price.

Uptown Condos are making a strong showing going up 4% in number of sales over last year and up 16% in average sales price.

If you are waiting for home prices to drop further you have missed that boat. The values in Dallas are increasing and interest rates are at an all time low. At what percentage do you have your car financed? You may be able to finance a house for the same or less.

Thank you for our friends at Hexter-Fair Title Company for supplying the data.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lead Based Paint. Where Are We Now?

If a house was built before 1978 it is a pretty good bet that it has at least some lead-based paint somewhere. All sellers must sign a document disclosing any knowledge they may have regarding the lead-based paint in their home.
The EPA has been all over this lately regarding the proper disposal and care to be taken when any lead-based paint is "disturbed" as in when remodeling a home. Below is a good, detailed article explaining where the rules and laws stand as of now.
The one for sure take away is make sure your contractors, painters, etc. are EPA certified to work with and dispose of lead-based paint.

Lead Paint Rules Weigh on Window Replacement